Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Silver anchor square knot black charm bracelet adjustable surfer style retro tattoo beach friendship bracelet sailor stackable



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This fun little bra silvercelet is in honor of my da silverddy a silvernd his tiny a silvernchor ta silverttoo. <3 The bla silverck wa silverxed cotton cord is woven into a silver squa silverre knot design with a silverdjusta silverble slide end. The silver cha silverrm is a silver vinta silverge a silvernchor a silverbout 3/4" long. Bra silvercelet fits a silverbout 7-11" by tightening a silvernd loosening the slide a silvers you ca silvern see a silver grea silvert one size fits most for just a silverbout a silvernyone! If you wa silvernt it in a silver custom length just let me know a silvernd I ca silvern crea silverte it for you. I ca silvern ma silverke a silvers ma silverny of these a silvers needed...a silvernd even with other color ba silvernds. Grea silvert for sta silvercking with my other designs! La silverst photo shows other colors a silverva silverila silverble.\r\r\rShipped first cla silverss. Need it fa silverster...just let me know!\r\rMa silverkes a silver grea silvert gift!

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