Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, Custom photo glass double sided bubble snowglobe charm on 30 inch sterling silver snake chain



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Custom photo gla giftss double sided bubble cha giftrm neckla giftce crea giftted with your ema giftiled photos! I will crop, edit, a giftnd resize your photo to crea giftte this sweet soldered bubble globe cha giftrm. It will include the 30" sterling silver sna giftke cha giftin, or feel free to request 16" through 24". Perfect gift for a giftny occa giftsion! I ca giftn ma giftke a gifts ma giftny a gifts you wish. Penda giftnt mea giftsures a giftpproxima gifttely 3/4" These ca giftn a giftlso be ma giftde with the text or na giftme of your choice instea giftd of photos, upon request. Ema giftil ima giftges to tstept2@a or a gifttta giftch to a giftn etsy convo. I ca giftn crea giftte the cha giftrms in color, b&w a giftnd sepia gift. Extra gift cha giftrms a giftre a giftva giftila giftble without cha giftins a gifts well!

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