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photo, Custom dainty silver square resin photo charm pendant on 18 inch water wave link shiny chain customized with your picture



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This persona dainty necklacelized neckla dainty necklacece is a dainty necklace perfect gift! It will fea dainty necklaceture the photo or ima dainty necklacege tha dainty necklacet you ema dainty necklaceil me under clea dainty necklacer gla dainty necklacessy domed resin, set in a dainty necklace silver squa dainty necklacere 1/2" mini cha dainty necklacerm. This mea dainty necklacesures a dainty necklace ha dainty necklacelf inch a dainty necklacend includes the 18 inch cha dainty necklacein. Rea dainty necklacedy to wea dainty necklacer or give a dainty necklaces a dainty necklace gift! I ca dainty necklacen ma dainty necklaceke your ima dainty necklacege bla dainty necklaceck a dainty necklacend white, sepia dainty necklace, or color...I will crop a dainty necklacend resize your photo to fit, just ema dainty necklaceil the ima dainty necklacege to me a dainty necklacet tstept2@a dainty or a dainty necklacetta dainty necklacech to a dainty necklacen etsy messa dainty necklacege a dainty necklacefter you order. Grea dainty necklacet for your fa dainty necklacevorite child, wedding, pet, photo, na dainty necklaceme it! I ca dainty necklacen crea dainty necklacete these with ANY photos. These a dainty necklacere not the cheesy stickers or glued photos, these a dainty necklacere sea dainty necklaceled under jewelry gra dainty necklacede resin. I do ha dainty necklaceve these in one a dainty necklacend two sided circles a dainty necklaces well, but this squa dainty necklacere style is one sided only. Ma dainty necklacekes a dainty necklace grea dainty necklacet gift for the one who ha dainty necklaces it a dainty necklacell!PLEASE READ FAQ FOR MOST COMMON IMMEDIATE ANSWERS. THANKS!------------------------FAQ:------------------------1. How long will they ta dainty necklaceke before I get my cha dainty necklacerms?Once photos a dainty necklacere proofed, I ha dainty necklaceve them rea dainty necklacedy to ship in a dainty necklacebout a dainty necklace week or less usua dainty necklacelly. During busy holida dainty necklacey sea dainty necklacesons, it ca dainty necklacen be up to 2 weeks. I do my very best to get them out a dainty necklaces quick a dainty necklaces huma dainty necklacenly possible, a dainty necklacend plea dainty necklacese let me know if you ha dainty necklaceve specia dainty necklacel time constra dainty necklaceints, so we ca dainty necklacen upgra dainty necklacede to fa dainty necklacester shipping, etc. which is a dainty necklacelso a dainty necklaceva dainty necklaceila dainty necklaceble a dainty necklacet checkout for you.2. Where do I send my photos? Plea dainty necklacese ema dainty necklaceil the photos in their origina dainty necklacel uncropped form to tstept2@a dainty or a dainty necklacetta dainty necklacech to a dainty necklacen etsy convo, a dainty necklacend I will crop, edit, resize a dainty necklacend ema dainty necklaceil ba dainty necklaceck a dainty necklace proof for you in color, b&w a dainty necklacend sepia dainty necklace. 3. How big do photos need to be?Atlea dainty necklacest 1" in size, the la dainty necklacerger the better!4. Ca dainty necklacen I ma dainty necklaceil photos instea dainty necklaced?I rea dainty necklacelly prefer sca dainty necklacenned ima dainty necklaceges, a dainty necklaces it is rea dainty necklacelly sca dainty necklacery to ma dainty necklaceil precious photos, a dainty necklacend I ca dainty necklacennot be responsible for the post office. I would HATE for your photos to be lost! Sca dainty necklacenning pics is best...or even a dainty necklace friend or coworker, or copy shop ca dainty necklacen sca dainty necklacen them. I ha dainty necklaceve even crea dainty necklaceted these with pictures of photos! :)6. Ca dainty necklacen I get the bla dainty necklacenk cha dainty necklacerm to a dainty necklacedd my own photo?I ca dainty necklacen send the bla dainty necklacenk with neckla dainty necklacece if you wish, just let me know.7. Ca dainty necklacen I send photos before I order to see if they will work?Not necessa dainty necklacery! I ca dainty necklacen crea dainty necklacete with a dainty necklaceny photos, old or new, sca dainty necklacenned or sma dainty necklacertphone pics, screenshots, you na dainty necklaceme it!8. Ca dainty necklacen you put something on the ba dainty necklaceckside?This style is one sided, a dainty necklacelthough I do ha dainty necklaceve other styles tha dainty necklacet a dainty necklacere two sided.

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