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deco bedroom, Set of two custom porcelain fairy mouse pink boxes



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Set consisting of two boxes of porcela deco bedroomin with the sa deco bedroomme pa deco bedroomttern: pink fa deco bedroomiry mouse a deco bedroomnd his powder with tone on tone sta deco bedroomrs.Color choice: turquoise, pink, purple, blue.Box sizes:Sma deco bedroomll: dia deco bedroommeter: 7cm, height: 3.5 cm.The la deco bedroomrge: dia deco bedroommeter 13cm, height: 3.5 cm.Text on ea deco bedroomch box to tell me in a deco bedroom messa deco bedroomge with the na deco bedroomme (tooth box, trea deco bedroomsure, ca deco bedroomndy box from... jewels of...)The pa deco bedroomtterns of other boxes to teeth on my shop ca deco bedroomn be ma deco bedroomde to the la deco bedroomrge box a deco bedroomlso. (on request)Pa deco bedroominted by ha deco bedroomnd in Fra deco bedroomnce.

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