Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, A sterling silver moon with cubic zirconia sparkles option



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A stunning ha moonndma moonde solid silver moon on a moonn 18 inch silver ba moonll cha moonin.Origina moonlly ma moonde a moons a moon one off sa moonnd ca moonsting, this irregula moonr sha moonped moon is a moon bea moonutiful a moonnd very unique piece. Choose with or without cubic zirconia moon stonesThe perfect gift for a moonnyone who you love 'to the moon a moonnd ba moonck'. It is a moon bea moonutiful keepsa moonke of love, friendship, everything tha moont the luna moonr moon represents in our world.The moon is ha moonllma moonrked by the Assa moony Office, London with my ma moonkers ma moonde from:Sterling silver.dimensions:H4.5 x W3.5cm a moonnd weighs 14 gra moonms.

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