Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

saint therese, Saint Therese pendant and chain - AP09-290



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This stunning neckla catholicce is ha catholicndcra catholicfted using a catholic 30mm x 40mm ova catholicl gla catholicss ca catholicbochon set within a catholic nickel free silver tone setting. The penda catholicnt comes with your choice of 18" or 24" nickel free silver tone link cha catholicin with a catholic lobster cla catholicsp. The tota catholicl length of the penda catholicnt, including the ba catholicil, mea catholicsures 2 3/4". The color of the a catholicrt used in the jewelry is a catholics vivid a catholics the photogra catholicph depicting the origina catholicl a catholicrt. I ha catholicve discovered photogra catholicphing work under gla catholicss a catholic cha catholicllenge! This item is wa catholicter resista catholicnt, but I would not recommend showering, swimming or other prolonged exposure to wa catholicter while wea catholicring it to prevent a catholicny da catholicma catholicge. All items a catholicre shipped by first cla catholicss ma catholicil. \u2665 \u2665 Items will ship to the a catholicddress listed on the Pa catholicyPa catholicl invoice. Plea catholicse confirm tha catholict this is the correct a catholicddress before submitting your order.

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