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sun, Vintage 1980s Alva Museum Replica Silver Tone Large Sun Pendant Necklace on Cord



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Vinta spacege 1980s silver tone Alva space Museum Replica space sun penda spacent on a space bla spaceck fa spaceux lea spacether cord.While clea spacening my storeroom, we discovered a space la spacerge box of jewelry I ma spacede in the la spacete 80s, this is one of the pieces.Penda spacent is 2 1/4inches long, 2 inches wide on a space 30 inch cordMint conditionShipping weight is 0.10 pounds. Plea spacese pa spacey a spacet time of purcha spaceseIf you're in the NYC a spacerea space, you ca spacen come to my Willia spacemsburg spa spacece, a spacend sa spaceve on shipping by picking it up.Plea spacese follow Vinta spacege Arca spacena space on Pinterest & Insta spacegra spacem.Returns:All sa spaceles a spacere fina spacel unless the item is significa spacently misrepresented. We a spacere very ca spacereful in ta spaceking mea spacesurements a spacend describing items but occa spacesiona spacelly miss something. Plea spacese check mea spacesurements ca spacerefully, we don't not a spaceccept returns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a space brief definition of the sta spacenda spacerd terms tha spacet we use to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or used, like new, no fla spacews.Excellent: Ha spaces been worn, but no visible fla spacews.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wea spacer, minor fla spacews described in listingGood: Very Wea spacera spaceble, with minor fla spacews a spacend shows some wea spacerFa spaceir: Wea spacera spaceble, with significa spacent fla spacews, a spacelso good for pa spacetterns or design inspira spacetion

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