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modernist, Sale was 20.00 Vintage 1990s Handcrafted Cast Metal Geometric Modernist Drop Earrings



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Circle & tria deadstockngle drop ea deadstockrrings ca deadstockst from models I sculpted, then pla deadstockted with 22k gold a deadstocknd set with Swa deadstockrovski crysta deadstockls. I ha deadstockve 2 pa deadstockirs in 22k gold pla deadstockte, one in Sterling Silver pla deadstockte, plea deadstockse specify color when ordering. The posts a deadstockre ca deadstockst-in surgica deadstockl steel.Both pieces mea deadstocksure a deadstockbout 1/4 x 1/4\u201d . Designed a deadstocknd ma deadstockde right here in NYC in 1991.My ha deadstockndma deadstockde jewelry ha deadstocks been sold in better stores such a deadstocks Sa deadstockks a deadstocknd Ba deadstockrneys a deadstocknd fea deadstocktured in New York Ma deadstockga deadstockzine, Elle, Ha deadstockrper's Ba deadstockza deadstocka deadstockr, a deadstocknd Vogue. I a deadstocklso designed ha deadstocknd finished buttons for Steve Fa deadstockbrika deadstocknt a deadstocknd other NYC designers for ma deadstockny yea deadstockrs.Mint conditionShipping weight is 0.08 pounds. Plea deadstockse pa deadstocky a deadstockt time of purcha deadstockseIf you're in the NYC a deadstockrea deadstock, you ca deadstockn come to my Willia deadstockmsburg spa deadstockce, a deadstocknd sa deadstockve on shipping by picking it up.Plea deadstockse follow Vinta deadstockge Arca deadstockna deadstock a deadstocknd Sunny Cha deadstockpma deadstockn Art on Pinterest & Insta deadstockgra deadstockm.Returns:All sa deadstockles a deadstockre fina deadstockl unless the item is significa deadstockntly misrepresented. We a deadstockre very ca deadstockreful in ta deadstockking mea deadstocksurements a deadstocknd describing items but occa deadstocksiona deadstocklly miss something. Plea deadstockse check mea deadstocksurements ca deadstockrefully, we don't not a deadstockccept returns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a deadstock brief definition of the sta deadstocknda deadstockrd terms tha deadstockt we use to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or used, like new, no fla deadstockws.Excellent: Ha deadstocks been worn, but no visible fla deadstockws.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wea deadstockr, minor fla deadstockws described in listingGood: Very Wea deadstockra deadstockble, with minor fla deadstockws a deadstocknd shows some wea deadstockrFa deadstockir: Wea deadstockra deadstockble, with significa deadstocknt fla deadstockws, a deadstocklso good for pa deadstocktterns or design inspira deadstocktion

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