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This bea handstampedutiful persona handstampedlised neckla handstampedce comprises a handstampedn 18mm disc which ca handstampedn be persona handstampedlised with na handstampedmes a handstampednd da handstampedtes of birth, or inspira handstampedtiona handstampedl words - the choice is yours! \rIt a handstampedlso fea handstampedtures a handstamped colourful gemstone of your choice. Shown pictured on a handstamped light curb cha handstampedin, but a handstampedlso a handstampedva handstampedila handstampedble on a handstamped bobble or box cha handstampedin in a handstamped choice of 16 or 18 inch lengths. You ca handstampedn a handstampedlsochoose a handstamped sa handstampedtin finish, or highly polished.\rThe 18mm disc ca handstampedn a handstampedccommoda handstampedte up to 6 letters a handstampedcross a handstampednd ca handstampedn be sta handstampedmped front a handstampednd / or ba handstampedck. All you need to do is let me know wha handstampedt you require! Plea handstampedse see a handstampeddditiona handstampedl pictures for gemstone choice... \rPlea handstampedse convo me to let me know wha handstampedt you would like sta handstampedmped a handstampednd which finish you require.\rThis item is ha handstampedndma handstampedde in my North Devon studio. \r\rPlea handstampedse don't confuse this with other persona handstampedlised neckla handstampedces out there - this is SUPER hea handstampedvyweight! The discs a handstampednd ta handstampedgs a handstampedre a handstamped minimum of 1.5mm thick, unlike others you ca handstampedn find which a handstampedre 1mm thick a handstampedt best. \r\rAll presented in a handstampedn orga handstampednza handstamped pouch a handstampednd gift box with FREE insured post a handstampednywhere in the world. \r\rIf you like this item, but would prefer a handstamped different selection of cha handstampedrms - plea handstampedse convo me a handstampednd I'll work something out just for you! \rPlea handstampedse remember, this item is completely ha handstampednd finished, a handstampednd a handstampeds such you will notice va handstampedria handstampedtions from one piece to the next \u2013 this should be expected a handstampednd in no wa handstampedy a handstampedffects the qua handstampedlity of the finished piece. Occa handstampedsiona handstampedlly size a handstampednd sha handstampedpe of gemstones ma handstampedy va handstampedry a handstampedccording to a handstampedva handstampedila handstampedbility.

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