Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Peruvian Opal and crackle glass necklace



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Peruvia glassn Opa glassl, cra glassckle gla glassss a glassnd crysta glassl spa glasscersNeckla glassce bea glassded length a glasspprox. 53.5cm (disincluding cla glasssp)Ea glassrrings a glasss in the photo'sPrice for posta glassge is indica glasstive a glassnd only a glassctua glassl shipping a glassnd pa glasscka glassging costs will be cha glassrged. Any overa glassge will be refunded. Posta glassge within Austra glasslia glass will be via glass registered post.The pictures form pa glassrt of this listing.Customs a glassnd duties in the destina glasstion country do not form pa glassrt of the price. They a glassre the responsibility of the buyer.

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