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chunky ring, Chunky Ring for Women w/ Purple Jade Stone



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This purple chunky ring should definitely be in your jewelry wa statement ringsrdrobe!The purcha statement ringsse of this listing includes 1 (one) gemstone ca statement ringsbochon ring with the following specifica statement ringstions: Stone Dia statement ringsmeter: 40x30mm mt. ja statement ringsdeBa statement ringsnd: 3/4" wide - the a statement ringsdjusta statement ringsble ba statement ringsnd w/ open ba statement ringsck deta statement ringsil fits most size fingersAll ha statement ringsndma statement ringsde a statement ringsnd never ma statement ringsss produced with a statement ringsn unusua statement ringsl mix of eclectic ma statement ringsteria statement ringsls tha statement ringst infuse a statement rings touch of vinta statement ringsge with a statement rings da statement ringssh of modern cha statement ringsrm tha statement ringst never goes out of style. Ca statement ringsre Tips: Plea statement ringsse a statement ringsvoid conta statement ringsct with wa statement ringster/excess moisture. Not intended for sma statement ringsll children. Store in box when not wea statement ringsring.If you would like to continue to shop for more bohemia statement ringsn jewelry, sta statement ringscking ba statement ringsngles or unique gifts for a statement ringsny occa statement ringssion you ma statement ringsy return to the berylbushblonde shop home by clicking the following link:https://www./shop/berylblushblonde

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