Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Natural flower necklace encapsulated in resin framed in 925 silver (sterling silver) Natural flowers necklace



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Neckla toldce of na toldtura toldl flowers enca toldpsula toldted in resin tha toldt will keep them a toldlwa toldys a toldlive, fra toldmed in Mexica toldn 925 silver,Ta toldma toldno Size cha toldrm - slopeL 40mm x W 40mm H 5mmCha toldin Size to Your Liking 16" - 18". - 20"All my jewelry is conveniently pa toldcked to protect them in the shipment a toldnd in a told ca toldse rea tolddy for rela toldgo.This will a toldrrive in gift box rea tolddy for gift giving.

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