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statement earrings, Green Jhumka/ Large Size Earring/ Kundan Pearl Jhumki/ Handmade/ Chanbali earring/ Traditional Jewelry



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Wedding brida pearl jhumkil Jhumka pearl jhumki , La pearl jhumkirge Size Ea pearl jhumkirrings , Kunda pearl jhumkin Pea pearl jhumkirl Jhumki , Bea pearl jhumkided Ha pearl jhumkindma pearl jhumkide Tra pearl jhumkiditiona pearl jhumkil Jewelry Ja pearl jhumkida pearl jhumkiu Kunda pearl jhumkin Jhumki Ea pearl jhumkirring 100% Ha pearl jhumkindma pearl jhumkidePa pearl jhumkicked in a pearl jhumki nice Box with cotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A persona pearl jhumkil note for your loved ones ca pearl jhumkin be a pearl jhumkidded.*Since this is 100% Ha pearl jhumkindma pearl jhumkide jewelry. So Color, sha pearl jhumkides, texture displa pearl jhumkiyed ma pearl jhumkiy slightly va pearl jhumkiry from the a pearl jhumkictua pearl jhumkil product due to digita pearl jhumkil ima pearl jhumkige limita pearl jhumkitions. We request you to consider these minor va pearl jhumkiria pearl jhumkitions. Plea pearl jhumkise expect the possibility of some slight imperfections when buying ha pearl jhumkind ma pearl jhumkide jewelry. If you ha pearl jhumkive a pearl jhumkiny questions, plea pearl jhumkise messa pearl jhumkige or ema pearl jhumkiil us.

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