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resina, Real Butterfly Earrings/ Anartia amathea Peru/ Laminated Resined Butterfly Earrings/ swllowtail butterfly



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Ha resinandma resinade butterfly ea resinarrings! They a resinare ma resinade of REAL butterfly wings. They a resinare ca resinarefully la resinamina resinated in a resina pla resinastic la resinayer to protect them a resinand then enca resinapsula resinated in resin.They a resinare the perfect a resinand specia resinal gift for someone on a resinany occa resinasion!Product Deta resinails:------------------------------Ea resinarring hook: sterling silver (suita resinable for sensitive skin)Additiona resinal informa resination: a resinall butterfly ea resinarrings a resinare very light.The wa resinay we get the wings a resinare severa resinal, one of them is the most importa resinant tha resinat we ha resinave people in a resinall pa resinarts of the world who ra resinaise butterflies; They live nea resinar the jungle where butterflies a resinabound, collect the wings of the butterflies tha resinat die, since the a resinavera resinage life of a resina butterfly is very short, it is less tha resinan 21 da resinays, butterflies lea resinave a resinat different sea resinasons of the yea resinar they sleep. Mounta resinain la resinast da resinays, months collecting butterflies.In this wa resinay, these people ca resinan move forwa resinard to support a resina fa resinamily a resinand ra resinaise their children.When you buy our products, it helps to keep fa resinamilies tha resinat ha resinave no other wa resinay to survive, these people a resinallow us to keep the wings a resinand tra resinansform them into bea resinautiful jewels.My husba resinand ha resinas tra resinaveled a resina lot a resinand our butterflies a resinare from a resinall over the world, we ha resinave a resina lot of va resinariety.The wings of true butterflies ma resinake ea resinach piece unique a resinand distinctive.

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