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minimalist boho, Earrings - Gold and Clear Quartz Crystal Geometric Dangle Earrings



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\u2661 Lovely Gold Geometric Crysta gemstone earringsl Da gemstone earringsnglers \u2661~ Length - Tota gemstone earringsl length is a gemstone earringspprox 2 Inches.~ Ea gemstone earringsrring Ma gemstone earringsteria gemstone earringsls - The Ea gemstone earringsr hooks/wires a gemstone earringsre 14K Gold Filled (rea gemstone earringsl Gold over Sterling Silver) a gemstone earringsnd the lovely geometric drops a gemstone earringsre ma gemstone earringsde with lea gemstone earringsd a gemstone earringsnd nickel free Bra gemstone earringsss (a gemstone earringspprox 30x12mm). Ta gemstone earringsrnish resista gemstone earringsnt a gemstone earringsnd very high qua gemstone earringslity. The ea gemstone earringsrrings a gemstone earringsre wire wra gemstone earringspped with 14K Gold Filled wire a gemstone earringsnd a gemstone earringsccented with ma gemstone earringstte Gold circle links a gemstone earringsnd Gold Filled spike drops. ~ Ea gemstone earringsrring Stones - Tiny clea gemstone earringsr qua gemstone earringsrtz crysta gemstone earringsls ** For more pictures, mea gemstone earringssurements, etc. plea gemstone earringsse conta gemstone earringsct me via gemstone earrings this listing, la gemstone earringsrger qua gemstone earringsntities a gemstone earringsva gemstone earringsila gemstone earringsble ** Interna gemstone earringstiona gemstone earringsl customers, plea gemstone earringsse conta gemstone earringsct me for a gemstone earrings shipping quote

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